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Store Policy


Our products are made with natural ingredients that may contain allergens, before purchase please verify that you or the intended user are not at risk of a an allergic reaction, or any other undesired condition, that may be caused by the products, or any of its ingredients. Our products are made for cleaning and external body use only.


Our handmade soaps are not intended for use by children. By using our products, you assume any risk and liabilities that may result from doing so. It is recommended that you try our products on your hands and arms for three days prior to using them in the rest of the body. If you see any unwanted or adverse reaction, discontinue use.

Privacy & Safety

Digo Taino store is protected by Wix's Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL. We collect your data to contact you after their purchase was completed successfully and provide after sale service. Your privacy is of the highest importance to our busines. 

Third Parties may have access to personal information
Your Personal Information may be shared with service providers that contribute to or participate in various aspects of our commercial activities and product management. More specifically, we may give your address to the shipping company responsible for delivering the products you have ordered, and the details regarding your sales transaction and credit card number will be disclosed to the card issuer. Our service providers are subject to confidentiality agreements and other legal restrictions that prohibit them from using data we provide for any purpose other than fulfilling their specific duties as subcontractors.

Payment Methods

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- Discover

- Visa

- Mastercard

- American Express

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