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Shipping & Returns


We offer shipping with USPS and UPS along US, unfurtunatelly we can't ship internationally yet. We process our orders within 3 business days. Shipping may take 2-3 weeks depending of the location and current Covid 19 delays in shipping companies. Please be flexible if any late arrival. We send a confirmation when processed and when the order is shipped. 

For those who live locally to our business or are in vacation in Vilano Beach or Saint Augustine and prefer to schedulle a pick up, please contact to receive a code for free shipping and the time and place to pick up.

Return & Exchange Policy

Due to the characteristics of our products, we do not accept returns or provide refunds once the product has been shipped. 

Our products are made with natural ingredients that may contain allergens, before purchase please verify that you or the intended user are not at risk of a an allergic reaction, or any other undesired condition, that may be caused by the products, or any of its ingredients. 

Try our products on your hands first as recommended. If you see any unwanted reaction, rinse thoroughly and discontinue use.

Our products are made for cleaning and external body use only. Our products are not intended to be used by children. 

Avoid leaving the soap in fluid or liking water to prevent it from waring away early. Our soaps do not have additives or preservatives, we are trying to keep it as natural as possible, like our ancestors, the Tainos did it.
Please read the Terms of Service carefully.

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