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Why Digo Taino?

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Liliana Díaz, the maker.

I always like to be nature responsible and avoid any non-natural elements in food and hygiene essencials. While preparing for my own wedding, I decided to make handmade melt and pour soaps for our guests. I found myself amazed and increasingly passionate by the infinite designs and techniques available to make soaps. After working in laboratories my entiere career, as Materials and Metallurgic engineer, and finishing my Master's in Industrial Physics, I began to dream of my own little lab, where my ideas could become reality.

My wedding motivated me to start, and my furlough during Covid-19 gave me the perfect opportunity. Digo Taino was born out of my passion to create authentic, handmade products. Looking for a name wasn't easy, but I knew I wanted to honor my roots and bringing back natural products to our homes.  I was born and raised in Cuba, so I decided a Taino name,  Taino that means "the good people",  where the tribes of the Caribbean Island, and Digo was their name for soap. Before spaniards, there where only guanatahabeyes, siboneyes and tainos indigenous in Cuba, the mixture with spaniards created the "Criollos". Our products are made similar to how the Taino people would have done.

I carefully select every ingredient and use vegetables oils and natural or costmetic grade colorants. I like to test the pH of my soaps, so I separate a sample from each batch and perform a test with pH strips. Usually I obtain 8-10 pH level.

I create my own recipes, following established standars and regulations for the quantinties of oils, lye, essecial oil, fragrance or colorants. My goal is to use special design or ingredient in each soap to make them unique. I hope you will delighted with our products. Don't hesitate to suggesst ideas, I would like to hear and try, I'm always creating new products.

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